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River Cruises in Russia 100 cruising ships, 1700 routes on Volga

River Cruises in Russia

Our travel agency specializes in cruising on Russian rivers and lakes. The  main offers are for:

  • Cruises between Moscow and St. Petersburg;

  • Cruises between Moscow and Astrakhan;

  • Pilgrimage cruises to Valaam and Solovki islands, departing from Moscow or St. Petersburg;

  • 4-6 days cruising around Russia's Golden ring, allowing you to visit Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Rostov and other famous towns;

  • Excursion cruises on the Volga, Oka and Moskva rivers;

  • Weekend (from Friday evening till Sunday) river cruises to Uglich and Tver from Moscow

Whatever offer you choose will allow you to visit ancient Russian towns and monasteries, will show you wonders of Russian nature and the Russian way of life.

You can choose your cruise by visiting our database, which offers more then 1700 routes covered by our 100 cruising ships. Though the database exists only in Russian, we will answer your queries if you fill and send us the mailing form.

Our website contains information about cruising ships, the weather in Russia and much more, including maps of rivers and cities.

We recommend the next cruising ships:

which offers comfortable cabins with air conditioner, WC, shower and music center, as well international food, the English-speaking guides and various entertainments on board.


м. Красные ворота
ул. Садовая -Черногрязская д. 8, офис 114

схема проезда

+7-985-433-9047 (МТС Москва)
+7-918-923-8872 (МТС Краснодар)
+7-901-547-2411 (Теле2)

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Время работы (сентябрь -апрель):

Понедельник -пятница: 10:00-19:00;

Суббота, воскресенье и праздничные дни -офис закрыт, связь по вышеуказанным телефонам



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